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Dangerous CO Levels

A customers CO detector was going off late one night warning of CO being present in the house. He reset the alarm and again the following day it was going off. The customer then call SaskEnergy who came out and found 46 ppm of CO in the house and the flames rolling out of the burner area. SaskEnergy red tagged the furnace and took it out of operation until repairs or a replacement was installed.

The customer then called us, Allegiant Mechanical and told us of the situation and even though it was after hours we went straight there. We understand when its -35 outside you need a furnace. The tech tested the CO in the chimney and found it to be above 3000 ppm CO indicating a serious burner problem. After further inspection it was found the burners were plugged solid with soot over the years and lack of maintenance to keep the burners clean. It was determined that the 35+ year old furnace was beyond repair and a new one was needed. We offered the customer temporary electric heat for the night. Allegiant was back the following day and thanks to our wonderful partners we had the old one removed, duct work built, wired and running by the end of the day. The customer was very satisfied and called us back just a few days later to change out their water heater.

CO is never something to mess around with. Had the customer continued resetting the alarm there is a chance we may have not met some of the most wonderful people we've come across. If your alarm is going off, error on the safe side and call SaskEnergy. Make sure you have a functional CO detector. As much as we love keeping the simple old furnaces running they do eventually become unsafe. We can help ensure it is safe and maintained year round.

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New RTM Build

In 2019 we had a long time customer contact us telling us they were building their dream RTM on their family farm and asked if we could help them out. We had previously helped this customer develop their basement suite in Saskatoon and installed a Payne air conditioner in their main suite. We had the customer send us their drawings and after a few consultations we came up with a list of their needs from their mechanical equipment.

We arrived on site and set them up with a Payne furnace, Payne air conditioner, custom designed water storage and filtration unit with a variable speed DAB e sybox mini 3 well pump, Modine Hot Dawg garage heater, BBQ and patio heater outlets, WIFI ecobee thermostat with remote room sensors to better balance the house, Rheem water heater and FanTech HRV. All appliances were converted to propane fuel from natural gas. 

Along with their mechanical equipment Allegiant designed and installed the duct work and plumbed the whole house with an on demand hot water re-circulation system using a Grundfos pump. The hot water re-circulation system will allow for hot water at the taps nearly instantly which will save them thousands of gallons a year by not having to run the water to get hot water to come out. We were able to take their custom deisgned wood fire place with a built in heat exchanger and tie it into the duct work with its own fan. This allows them to shut their furnace off and heat the house when they have a fire burning saving them even more in fuel.

The customer was ecstatic at how easy we were to work with, no hidden fees and were easy to work with when they wanted to make a last minute change! Its your world and we're just trying to make your dream come true! Now they have a house they can hand down to their kids.

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